Dad’s Christmas Present

by clementinebennett



I’m still plugging away on Martin Storey’s Argyll V-neck from Knitting for Him. This was supposed to be Dad’s 2011 Christmas present. Oops.

I will have it finished before August 11. That’s the day I have to drop it off at the state fair! I’ve registered seven items. I guess I got a bug for fair competition after winning that blue ribbon at the county fair last year.

I just finished knitting the back of the vest. I have a ton of end to weave in. Then I will duplicate stitch white rakes (the lines that run diagonally on argyll).

Buddy started preschool in June, and he loves it! I thought I would have more time to knit and exercise once he was in school. But he only goes twice a week for two hours at a time, and I end up loitering around our church (which is also school) messing with this and that, making more work for myself. C’est la vie!