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Square #6 This is in honor of my bee-wife friends- Honey Badger, Miss Iowa, Queen Bee & D. Advertisements


Today Buddy and I took Mom to KSW at General Butler State Park. I am very sad to report that this, the 30th annual KSW Highland games, is most likely the last one. Some of the sponsors seemed to think there’s a possibility that they will continue next year, but others were certain this is […]


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Square #1 of many…


Thanks for joining me on this new adventure. I am currently working on a new knitting project, an afghan of sampler squares. Ten years ago on Black Sheep’s and my first visit to Iceland I bought a ton of fingering weight wool with no project in mind. I crocheted a scarf for my mom, and them the wool sat around collecting dust and attracting- horror of horrors- MOTHS. After two years in my freezer to kill any moth eggs (and to free up much needed stash space) i’m finally putting the yarn to good use!